Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Happy Stanley Cup Playoffs everyone!  Twenty-two consecutive playoff appearances for the Detroit Red Wings, pretty impressive!  With the first game of the playoffs just a few hours away, I wanted to share an amazing popup Red Wings card with you!

Detroit Red Wings A2 Blank Card

And look inside!  Ooooooh!

Detroit Red Wings A2 Blank Card

Now if you'll excuse me I gotta go make sure dinner gets started because the kitchen shuts down during the games here!  Laters!!!

AMAZING New Release Monday with The Stamping Chef!!

Hey everyone!  I'm so in love with all the new releases this week from The Stamping Chef!!  Tamara's designs are just gorgeous!

Sprinkling Spring

Also, Tamara's got an amazing deal going in the shop this week!  When you buy two digis, you get this fabulous image, Your Highness, for free!!


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I'm off to crochet some flowers and catch up on Nikita!  (Which BTW is the best show that no one's watching!!)  Laters!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ALL BOY Challenge with The Stamping Chef!!

Happy Hump Day!!  We've got a brand new challenge over at The Stamping Chef and this week it's ALL BOY!!  Here's what I came up with:

Thanks for looking and be sure to come and play along with us!  Laters!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

**AWESOME** New Release with The Stamping Chef!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I'm super duper excited to share with you all this AMAZING new release from The Stamping Chef!!  I'm loving these images and loved creating these projects with them.

Lucy's Luau

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Thanks so much for looking!  I'm off to catch up on my beloved, soon-to-be-off-the-air 90210.  Laters!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mother's Day Cards in my Etsy Shop!!

Good Morning everyone!  Yes it's morning 'cause I'm still awake!!!  I'm an insomniac who works best in the middle of the night with TNT drama reruns and 90s Nickelodeon in the background.  (Hums the theme song to Clarissa Explains It All...)

Anyways it's time for me to list my Mother's Day card collection on Etsy!  I realize I'm actually about a week too late for this but whatever, time gets away from you when you're organizing/crafting/watching reruns of Saved By the Bell....

See these and other great cards now in my shop and remember that you can always request custom work!

Happy Mother's Day Floral A2 Greeting Card Moms Mothers Mommy

Pink and Gold Happy Mother's Day A7 Card Butterflies Metallic Mom Mommy Mothers Card

Happy Mother's Day Big Floral A2 Card Mother's Mom Mommy Floral Card

Happy Mother's Day Green and Gold Floral A7 Card Mom Mothers Mommy Card Floral Gold

Happy Mother's Day Bronze Butterfly A7 Card Mom's Mother Mommy Card Butterflies

I'm off to get a few hours sleep before spending tomorrow making--wait for it--Father's Day cards!  Thanks so much for looking!  Laters!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Haunted Springtime ATCs

Happy Hump Day! This is SO OT, but aren't Wednesdays without new episodes of Arrow really difficult?  Anyways....

This month I really wanted to participate in the ATC swap with my All Things Tim Yahoo Group.  I really loved the idea of a "Haunted Springtime" theme.  Spring colors with Halloween stamps, I'm there.  This is what I came up with.

Is it just me, or is that really out of focus??  Well it is seven am...

Anyways, I'm off to read and watch one of my favorite movies while trying to squash this insomnia.  Laters!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NEW Releases with The Stamping Chef!!

It's Tuesday and you guys know what that means!!  NEW images from The Stamping Chef!!

Becca Boo

Cool Becca

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Thanks so much for looking!  Laters!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

New Challenge Freebie with The Stamping Chef!

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you're off to a great start of a crafty week.  I've just got to share with you the amazing digital freebie this week you can get for participating in the coloring challenge with The Stamping Chef!!

Lost Fairy

Isn't she just gorgeous??  Check out all the details here.  Have fun playing along.  Happy crafting!  Laters!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Girly Girl Challenge At The Stamping Chef!!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!  I'm excited to share my newest project with The Stamping Chef, a girly card for our new Girly Girl challenge!!!

Thanks for looking and don't forget to visit the blog and play along with us!  Laters!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NEW Releases This Week with The Stamping Chef!!!

Hi everyone!!  It's Tuesday, so it's time for another amazing new release with The Stamping Chef!

Wuv You

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I've got a bracelet to finish for a present for my mom.  Laters!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Stamping Chef New Releases!

Happy happy joy joy, I'm LOVING this weeks' new releases over at The Stamping Chef!  Here's what I created with them.

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I'm off to work on next week's cards.  Laters!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Well, it's April......

And it's April Fools' Day, and well......I'm not gonna try to fool anyone.  I did NOT get thirty-one blog posts up for the month of March. I did make forty-three cards and several different small projects but I didn't get something posted every day because of my computer issues.  I still intend to finish posting something when I can, so that there ARE thirty-one crafts posted for the month of March.  I have no problem back-dating posts, it'll make me feel accomplished.  I just want to make sure you know that I know that I didn't do what I wanted to do.

The last few days, Blogger has been giving me a headache.  It hasn't posted my scheduled posts (either not on time or not at ALL), and it's overall just been another issue that I don't need right now. But in the midst of all the crap, I did make this card....

So there's always a silver lining, right? :)  More soon, not every day, but as much as I can.  Trying to make April about FUN crafting, not beating the clock.  Laters!